Don't Ever Give Up On Love
Timothy Carroll
Author Bio

                        Timothy Carroll was born in 1937 in England  where he was privately educated.  He first came to USA in 1997 and married his second wife, Yvonne, in 2005.

He once owned some retail outlets processing raw coffee which was distributed wholesale and by mail order. Since1969 he has worked in the British pensions industry. He has specialized in advice to British expatriates and has worked among them overseas in Hong Kong, Spain, Belgium and now USA.

Yvonne and Timothy are party-people - enjoying a wide circle of friends among their married and single contemporaries.  He certified as a scuba-diver at age 70 thanks to his step-son-in-law, Lee, owning a dive shop.  He also enjoys sailing and keeps a sailboat on Lake Hartwell, GA.  He has had fun  white-water rafting with Yvonne's grandchildren too.

He was encouraged to write by the experiences of friends, his wife and his own cross-cultural experience of living among different nationalities in a variety of countries.   He decided to assemble ideas and supporting accounts that might inspire hope among the increasing number of people who, like him, survived their first 50 years and found themselves alone and at a crossroads.

He is now "The Voice of Senior Romantics."