Don't Ever Give Up On Love
Timothy Carroll
Photo Gallery

Marianne and John Curtin

Chapter 18 -  Good Grief

Barbara Bicknell and John Goodwin

Chapter 1 - The Courage to Date Again

Barbara Wastart and Duane Thoresen

Chapter 11 - Internet Dating

Judy and Bob Moreno

Chapter 10 - Single Club Opportunity Knocks

Lois Hoopes and Sam Focer

Chapter 9 - Run at First Sight

Mary Copes and Jerry Sanders

Chapter 7 - Taking It Easy

Susan and Bill Pearce

Chapter 5 - Meeting Mr and Mrs. Right

Gina Bouchard and Gary Tissue

Chapter 15 - High School Reunion

Gina and Gary in High School

Eleanor and Bill Stubba

Chapter 14 - Friends Can Be Lovers Too.

Toni and Jerry Dore

Chapter 6 - Its Was All In The Stars

Ginny Montgomery

Chapter 19 - Moving On.

Linda and Charles Cattanach

Chapter 17 -  Church As A Catalyst

Lou and Bill Holton

Chapter 4

Is It Ever Too Late To Date To Tarry To Marry?

Yvonne and Tim Carroll

Chapter 8 - Baggage or Blessings.

Neely and Ron Denney

Chapter 12 - The Art of Love Online

Nicki and Ronnie Herman

Chapter 13 - From Cyberspace to Elvis