Don't Ever Give Up On Love
Timothy Carroll

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for the single over-50 crowd!, January 19, 2012

This review is from: True Stories of Senior Romance Don't Ever Give Up on Love (Kindle Edition)
I was intrigued about this book after a friend sent me a YouTube video where the author (Timothy Carroll) of True Stories of Senior Romance was interviewed on the TV news in Mississippi. Here was this charming elderly man with a pleasant voice and English accent talking about never giving up on love at any age. He told stories and used his skills to make the much younger interviewer really laugh.

he had such an upbeat attitude and I was impressed by his interview so much, that I decided to look for his book and found it on Kindle! I had to read his book, and it was well worth the read.

The book is the perfect place for anyone over 50 to start to think about dating again. The author provides an introduction to the topics of social dating and romance for seniors. He also provides much encouragement and motivation to help people get started again. The author has a gentle way of speaking to folks that might be nervous or hesitant after years of being out of the dating game.

He reminds the reader of the "Rules of Attraction" - things they knew in high school but have mostly forgotten about attracting another person, even flirting! He gives an overview of online dating that is perfect for senior 'newbies' who are unfamiliar with anything like it. He tells how to find appropriate sites, and gives a list of the most popular one that would work well for seniors. He describes how to create a profile, what information to include and what not to include. He even provides suggestions for selecting a photo.

The author is wise to include many tips on safety online, especially for any potential in-person meetings. He gives advice on what to do if a date turns out to be a 'bad date' and how to deal with rejection (as the rejector or the rejectee). Just get back out there.

The bottom line is - Mr. Carroll will convince you with the advice he gives and the stories he shares that it is never too late for true love.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking to connect with other seniors. I also think it would make a terrific & thoughtful gift for any single senior who would even remotely consider dating again.

This book could make the difference between someone spending their senior years alone, or enjoying good company, a social life, and possibly true love. Les Moore

Two times lucky in love!
When I read Tim's book I remembered my mind set when I was expecting my second child. I loved my first so much I thought there would never be room to love another as strongly, boy was I wrong. I am now on my second marraige and was lucky enough to find love again - who would have thought. This was before I had the opportunity to read Tim's book and realize there was hope for me in my senior years. Thank you so much for your inspiration Tim, I have been able to share your fabulous insight and knowledge with many of my friends who really need your lovely book and to let them know I had the experience to highly recommend you. Congratulations, Tim, and keep up the great work! Yvonne Margaret (Lakeland, FL)

Filled with delightful stories and inspiration

Timothy Carroll is a brilliant writer. In his book Don't Ever Give Up on Love he offers sound advice and weaves in beautiful and inspiring stories. This book is a fascinating book for anyone who loves a great story. It is true that Timothy's advice works. I met my husband in my 40's and we're happily married and deeply in love. It is possible to meet the love of your life later in life. Thank you Timothy for sharing this wonderful collection of )hope and inspiration.
M. McColl "Peggy McColl" (Ottawa, ON Canada

Don't Ever Give Up This Book!

What a beautiful collection of stories! I loved reading them and sharing them with my friends. I have given this book as a gift several times already. I can't wait until the next one comes out. I love the invitation to send in new stories. I had so much fun seeing the pictures of the real people on the website too. I am not the age of these folks, but I was inspired to know that if I lost my love now I would have a chance to find it again later in life. Thanks Timothy!!! Send us more soon!!!!Lee Sessoms (Lawrenceville, GA USA)

 Don't Ever Give Up On Love is a selection of wonderful stories of mature couples who found love romance and marriage after heartbreak and sorrow. I'm looking forward to more stories.  Irene M. Parker

In "Don't Ever Give Up On Love" the author Tim Carroll, an engaging Brit, has assembled a compelling collection of true romance stories for seniors, offering hope, inspiration and advice. I predict it will become the viral marketing success story of the year in the publishing industry.   Phil Lundquist

What a champion! Tim has proved that one should, "never give up on anything in life that's important to you". The title and content of the book will inspire people to wake up to life, change habits and explore life's opportunities more fully. Well done Tim!

Congratulations, Tim, and thank you for the copy of your wonderful book.  Both Sam and I have read it cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed each story. A lovely part of it is getting to know the couples — which is difficult to do in a social situation. We applaud you for your fine book.  It is inspirational, informative and beautifully written.  Can't wait for your next one!         Lois Hoopes and Sam Focer

In writing "Don't Ever Give Up on love" Timothy Carroll has provided readers with an interesting combination of factual accounts from real-life experiences with some useful advice and guidance. His book describes where to meet new friends and contemporaries, how to adjust to the modern dating scene and illustrates a selection of comfortable ways of moving forward with one's social life.  I love the stories and their variety and I look forward to reading more in future.  Ginny Montgomery

I have always wondered why I feel the same in my mind and in my heart as I always have. Shouldn't I feel older now that I am 40? This book proves to me that I will always feel this, and expressions thereof, are not age related. It is one's spirit which provides the capacity to love and be loved. That doesn't change with the passage of time. In fact, with proof from the stories in Tim Carroll's book, it is one the few things that doesn't change.  Katherine Clagett
Thanks for including Lou Rita & me in your book, After being in everything, My real life began when I met My present wife and really started to live mentioned around the world that did not mean anything until that meeting. Until then I was just a person with no credit for what I did at home but now I get credit there.  Bill Holton
Charles and I feel truly blessed to have been included in your terrific book DON'T EVER GIVE UP ON LOVE. We enjoyed reading all of the love stories in the book. Surely, they were confirmations that life holds wonderful surprises, and that age doesn't limit the joy of receiving these unsuspected presents. Linda Cattanach
For All You 50+ Singles
This book is full of ides and suggestions for finding love in the last half of one's life. It is well-written, witty, and informative. An easy read. Mary Copes Sanders "tea drinker" (Atlanta, GA)
inspiration for all of us baby boomers!
This is such a "feel good" book! Just when you think that love and romance are lost and you'll never find another soul mate - Surprise! There is hope after all.
I love that this book is filled with true stories from every day people like me. And not only does Tim Carroll introduce us to these wonderful people, but in each case, he gives advice on what works and what doesn't to help us meet our next true love.
If you or someone you know has lost the love of their life due to illness or divorce and thinks they are destined to live out the rest of their life alone - pick up this book and discover the many possibilities that exist!